Power Steering Repair

Power Steering Repair for all Makes & Models

At Tirecraft we can perform power steering repairs on all makes and models of vehicles. It is important to have properly installed, lubricated and adjusted steering components. Our expert technicians will perform an inspection and advise on the condition of all steering components.

Edmonton Tirecraft Steering Repair Services Include:


It is important that all of the components of your vehicle’s steering and suspension are aligned to ensure your vehicle steers and handles the road properly. If the alignment on your ride is out of spec, you may feel your vehicle pull to one side of the road, your tires may wear prematurely, or your steering wheel may not be straight.

Power Steering System

Most vehicles today use hydraulic power steering to make your vehicle easier to steer. It is important that there are no leaks in the power steering system as fluid loss can lead to expensive repairs. The power steering pump, steering gear and all the power steering hoses work together to provide the assistance needed for easy steering. Some vehicles are equipped with electric power steering which does not use fluid, and utilizes an electric motor to assist with steering.

Steering Linkages and Tie Rods

Tie rods and steering linkages allow you to steer your wheels. They are designed to pivot, and thus can wear out over time. They need to be inspected regularly by a trained technician. Our technicians will inspect and point out any looseness found in the steering linkages and repair as needed to keep your vehicle safe to drive.

If you find your vehicle is difficult to steer or making a strange noise when you turn the wheels, give us a call to book an inspection today! Call (780) 454-6654 to book your power steering appointment now.


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