Preventative Maintenance

Professional Preventative Maintenance Services for All Makes & Models

What is Preventative Maintenance Service?

Preventative Maintenance is regularly performed maintenance on a vehicle to greatly reduce the possibility of failure with a vehicle’s component as well as any accidents that result from a poorly maintained vehicle or unnoticed rundown equipment. Preventative Maintenance also saves you money by extending the life of your vehicle and its components. It is much cheaper to prevent a major repair than to wait until one happens. Our expert technicians here at Edmonton Tirecraft Auto Service will inspect your vehicle and ensure it is in peak condition to enable optimal performance and safety.

Preventative Maintenace Services

Our preventative maintenance services available at Edmonton Tirecraft Auto Service include:

Spark Plug

Spark plugs are what enables your vehicle to start. Ensuring your spark plugs are working and in optimal condition will ensure you can start your vehicle when you head to work!

Cooling System Flush

Flushing your cooling system allows it to operate at optimal efficiency. This ensures your engine does not risk being overheated or damaged.

Brake Flush

Flushing your brake lines ensures no obstructions are present and allows for optimal braking power. Ensuring your brakes are working to their maximum capacity helps keep you and drivers on the road safe.

Power Steering Flush

Power Steering flushes are done to ensure optimal steering capability. If your steering becomes more difficult, which decreases your control and increase your danger, you need a power steering flush!

Fuel Injection

Inspecting your fuel injectors ensures that your gas is efficiently being used by the engine. A damaged or improperly inserted fuel injector will cause poor performance or even prevent your car from moving.

Inspection and Vehicle Safety Certifications

Our ASE-certified technicians will ensure your vehicle meets all safety certifications and requirements as well as run E-tests and inspect the exhaust, muffler, and catalytic converter. If you are interested in extending your vehicles life, while saving money by preventing major repairs, contact Edmonton Tirecraft today to book an appointment!


Interested in Preventative Maintenance Service? 

Has it been too long since your last preventative maintenance inspection on your vehicle? If you are interested in saving money in the long-term and ensuring you and your passengers are safe, contact your local auto experts at Edmonton Tirecraft Auto service! We offer prompt and professional service for all Edmontonians at the heart of Edmonton! Contact us today either by calling (780)-454-6654 or filling out the contact form to book an appointment.


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