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Did you know that your front and rear tires wear at different rates? The main reason is that the front tires carry more weight, about 60%, compared to 40% for the back tires. Furthermore, your front tires also wear faster when turning and steering your vehicle. Routinely performing tire rotation service is important in offsetting this difference and increase the longevity of your tires and improving performance.

What Exactly is a Tire Rotation?

A tire rotation service consists of periodically placing each wheel and tire of a vehicle in a such a way as to ensure that the tires wear evenly. Even tire wear extends the use of a set of tires. Failing to periodically have your tires rotated can lead to uneven tires which can become dangerous if not replaced, and additional costs that could be avoided with proper maintenance. Due to the extra weight carried, it is recommended to have your front tires rotated more frequently than your rear tires.

How Often Should you have a Tire Rotation?

Most car manufacturers recommend having a tire rotation done about every 10,000 km. For vehicles that are involved in off-road driving or for heavy-duty work, it may be better to have your tires rotated about every 5000 km. Keep in mind these are estimates and it is best to check your vehicles owner’s manual or consult with one of our knowledgeable tire rotation experts here at Edmonton Tirecraft Auto Service to get a more accurate recommendation for your make and model.

Where can I get Tires Rotation Service?

Right here in the heart of Edmonton at Edmonton Tirecraft Auto Service! Our certified Edmonton Tirecraft technicians will rotate your tires using your vehicle’s manufacturer specifications. But that’s not all, we will also adjust your tires air pressure to ensure a smooth and safe ride. Your safety is our number one priority!

If it’s been too long or if you are unsure when you last had your tires rotated contact Edmonton Tirecraft today!

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