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Wheel Alignments ensure that your vehicle is driving true. When neglected or done improperly, costly repairs may result as well as less safe driving conditions. Your vehicles wheel alignment should be checked about every 20,000 km traveled which is on average about once every year. Check your owner’s manual for a more accurate number for your specific model if provided.

What Exactly is a Wheel Alignment?

A wheel alignment consists of adjusting all the wheels of a vehicle to an angle specified by the car manufacturer. This is done to ensure the vehicle drives true without pulling to the right or left as well as to prevent unnecessary tire wear. Wheel alignments are always necessary when the tires of your vehicle have been changed.

When a Wheel Alignment is Necessary

Your vehicles need an alignment for its wheels if:

  • Your vehicle pulls to the left or right when driving straight
  • Your steering wheel is not level when driving straight on a level road.
  • The tires have been changed
  • Your vehicle has been in a collision
  • Tie rods, control arms, bushings, or idler arms have been replaced
  • If your front-wheel-drive vehicle had its trans-axial repaired
  • If you have had a lift/ leveling kit installed
  • If you have your tires rotated

What is Involved in a Wheel Alignment?

A alignment consists of 3 main parts. These are:

  • Setting the Caster angle – this is the angle of the steerings pivot point.
  • Setting the Camber angle – this is the verticle angle of the tire in regards to the road.
  • Setting the Toe – this is the angle of which the tires are pointed inward or outward of the vehicle.

When our certified technicians here at Edmonton Tirecraft correct your vehicles wheel alignment, we also calibrate your steering angle sensor to ensure proper readings. Our technicians also check your tire pressure as well as your vehicle’s steering and suspension. We do this to ensure the safety of all our customers! Your safety is our priority.

How do I know if my Wheel Alignment was done Properly?

Your local technicians at Edmonton Tirecraft will always double check your car’s wheel alignment, but in case you wanted to check for yourself the best way to know if your wheels have been aligned properly is to drive straight and see if the vehicle is able to drive as straight as an arrow. If you feel the car pulling to either side, after making sure your tire pressure levels are at a proper level, chances are your wheels are not aligned.

If you feel like your car is pulling to the side or you haven’t had your vehicle wheels aligned in over a year, contact us today to book an appointment!

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